CarvedPanels model Feather SCP001

CarvedPanels model Feather SCP001

CarvedPanels model Feather SCP001 is a 3D cnc machined high density MDF board in a rolling wave / feather pattern

Characteristics of  CarvedPanels model Feather:

  • Panels are 2440 x 1220mm, 15mm in thickness and pattern is over the 2440mm direction
  • on this size the pattern is 4 sides continuous over the next panels
  • frontside is primed white and sanded, backside flat with melamine backing
  • delivery from stock, unless sold, finishing to be done by client

CarvedPanels are made of high density MDF, and can be worked with normal tools for wooden panels.  CarvedPanels can also be supplied cut to size and finished, check out our XtremeCarved collection !
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