For the Metal variant SPM-MET-023  from PuzzleWood we use elongated blocks of metal in copper oxidized with green patina. This red metal with green patina gives atmosphere and a robust appearance and changes every moment of the day with the incoming light.

PuzzleWood Metal-023  :

  • the panels are produced in the desired net size, so there is hardly any sawing loss and waste.

  • You specify the dimensions of the walls and we make a division into manageable panels. We use 3000 x 1200mm as the largest size due to. weight and transportation.

  • Delivery time is approximately 4-5 weeks after order.

  • After assembly, no seams/panels are visible, the wall is visually a whole. If necessary, miter the bend and recesses in the wall are already made in the factory.

  • Model 4 x ... means that the blocks are 4cm at different lengths and they are placed in a random pattern of course also available not oxidized or in 1 or 2 colors metal or mixed with old chestnut wood?

PuzzleWood Metal panels are made of real metal on a block of MDF on a fiberboard support, so it can be processed like normal sheet material with normal tools Own combination of metal and wood  ? inquire about our options.