PC CP S005

PC CP S005

3D CoffeePanels model 3CP-S005 is a 3d panel made from recycled coffee grounds, and consists of 95% coffee! The sleek square blocks in different thicknesses, provided with a light grain structure, are placed randomly. The panels are glued on a fibreboard.

3D CoffeePanels model 3CP-S005 :

  • dimensions cubes 15 x 15cm, panel thickness 35mm
  • the panels are produced on the net size, so no sawing loss (waste)
  • pattern continues over all adjacent panels, including around the corner
  • also available with blocks in other dimensions, or a different grain drawing

3d CoffeePanels consist of 95% recycled coffee grounds and can be ground again after use. They can be processed into new panels: excellent circular solution for coffee waste! Do you prefer a different model or do you have questions about the current stock? Please contact us.