Steward BioVines Naturel

GrapevinePanels Natural Unvarnished

BioVines Natural Unvarnished. These decorative panels are made from pruning waste from grape plants! The pruning waste is then pressed together. Instead of releasing the absorbed CO2 again by burning this waste, we make durable, decorative and unique panels! The panels still let some light through when placed in front of glass or LED lighting.

About BioVines:

  • the panels are made to any desired size, max. 2900 x 1000mm
  • the panels are 40mm thick
  • the panels are spraypainted one-sided or two-sided in any RAL color
  • the edges are open or optionally finished with a beautiful wooden frame of 73 x 30 mm spraypainted in the same color
  • Also available in Varnished
  • the panels contribute to a positive room acoustics
  • Delivery time approximately 4-5 weeks after order

Do you have a size specification for your project or any other desired implementation? Please ask us about our options.