Steward PuzzleWood Wood+Metal WhiteWash SPW48-001

Wood+Metal WhiteWash SPW48-001

For the WhiteWash Wood + Metal variant of PuzzleWood, we use solid old brushed wood, residual wood from construction combined with scrap metal, which has been the packaging of steel coils for the metalworking industry. We give this cool mix of materials an extra dimension by finishing the completely transparent WhiteWash.

PuzzleWood WhiteWash Wood + Metal :

  • the panels are produced in the desired net size, so there is hardly any sawing loss and waste. You specify the dimensions of the walls and we make a division into manageable panels.

  • We use 3000 x 1200mm as the largest size due to. weight and transportation.

  • Delivery time is approximately 4-5 weeks after order. After assembly, no seams/panels are visible, the wall is visually a whole. If necessary, miter the bend and recesses in the wall are already made in the factory.

  • Model 4 x ... means that the blocks are 4cm wide and are placed in a random pattern in different lengths. see also our product group PuzzleWood Metal for many more cool combinations of wood and metals such as copper, brass and steel.

  • PuzzleWood panels are made of blocks of wood on a fiberboard support, so they can be processed like normal board material with normal tools.

Own combination of metal and wood? Inquire about our options.